Effective Property Listing Management

Our expert Central Cove Listings Team ensures your property stands out among the competition by capturing high-quality photos, crafting property-specific descriptions, and listing your property on multiple platforms. We monitor all platforms and make updates as necessary to maintain your property’s prominent feature. Trust us for effective property listing management.

On what platform do we list?

Optimal Pricing Strategies for Your Listing

Central Cove understands the importance of competitive pricing in property management. Our team utilizes algorithmic and manual methods to ensure your property is priced competitively. Seasonality, market supply, holidays, and global events are taken into account when determining the nightly rate. Our in-house pricing specialist conducts daily assessments and adjusts as needed to maintain optimal pricing strategies for your listing. Trust us to maximize your property’s potential.

Our skilled in-house photographers capture stunning images of your property, highlighting all the breathtaking views and luxurious amenities. Our expert editing team enhances the images to showcase the property’s unique features and present them in the most visually appealing manner, ensuring that your property stands out from the competition.
Our listings team crafts compelling and distinctive descriptions for your Airbnb properties, incorporating relevant local references and optimizing them for optimal performance across multiple channels. By tailoring each listing to the platform, we increase the visibility of your property and maximize your bookings.
Our listings team ensures the accuracy of property information and channel updates, including pool closures, building works, and property upgrades. We also monitor guest reviews and respond promptly to ensure that your property remains prominently featured and your guests are satisfied with their experience. Trust us for effective and efficient listings management.

Airbnb & Holiday Home Listing FAQs

How long should my Airbnb description be?

A well-crafted property description is essential in providing guests with a clear understanding of your property’s unique features and amenities. It should strike a balance between being informative and concise to avoid overwhelming or tedious information. Let us help you create a compelling property description that highlights your property’s key selling points and attracts more guests.

Should I show pictures of the surrounding area?

By providing detailed and concise property descriptions, guests can make informed decisions and have a clear understanding of the unique features and amenities of the property. This ultimately leads to increased satisfaction and confidence when booking a reservation.

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