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For several years, Airbnb was a hidden gem for those who rented out vacation homes globally. People who used the platform loved the high returns, simple bookings, high occupancy, and a sense of being in the know about this short-term rental option. However, the secret has now been revealed! Airbnb usage and hosting is on the rise globally, and it’s happening in every type of holiday home rental market.

Dubai is also experiencing this trend. More and more travelers are discovering the best way to stay in Airbnb Dubai. They get to experience unique properties, a range of amenities, personal touches, and more affordable rates compared to traditional hotel stays. Property owners in Dubai are eager to rent out their homes or apartments to guests from all over the world who will treat their property with respect and appreciation, as if it were their own.

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Dubai's Airbnb Market: A Magnet for Investors Seeking Growth and ROI

is Dubai a good place for a holiday

Dubai is a highly sought-after vacation destination and is often considered one of the top spots in the world. The city offers a lavish lifestyle, a wide range of activities, warm weather, and gorgeous beaches, attracting around 15 million visitors each year. Due to the high demand for accommodations, Airbnb properties have become a popular choice for travelers.

Why is Dubai considered hugely profitable?

Dubai has been recognized as the city with the highest profitability for Airbnb landlords globally. According to recent data, those who have properties located near the iconic Burj Khalifa earn an average of £930 ($1,150) per night, equating to an annual income of £339,450. This provides landlords with significant potential for long-term profits and return on investment.

What is the top location for a Dubai Airbnb?

Dubai Marina and JBR

Dubai Marina and JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences) is one of the city’s most sought-after locations for Airbnb properties. With its stunning mile-long beach, bustling boulevard filled with restaurants, bars, and shops, and the marina featuring luxury yachts in the backdrop of Dubai’s towering skyscrapers, this area is a perfect fit for an Airbnb stay.

Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City is a thriving location that appeals to fitness enthusiasts. It is home to renowned facilities such as the Manchester United Soccer School, Global Cricket Academy, World Hockey Academy, David Lloyd Tennis Academy, and the Els Club championship golf course. The area boasts a mix of villa compounds and apartment complexes, along with a plethora of nearby amenities, making it a popular choice for Airbnb hosts.

Dubai Motor City

Across from Dubai Sports City lies Dubai Motor City, a motor sport-themed property development featuring a 3.3-mile FIA-certified race track and the F1-X Dubai theme park. The area includes residential buildings, commercial properties, and a variety of amenities, such as shops, restaurants, healthcare centers, and educational institutions.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is a 0.77 square mile area that’s home to some of the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain. This area’s immense popularity as an Airbnb destination is due to its proximity to these famous attractions and the profitability of being close to the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai International Financial Centre

Located near Downtown Dubai is the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a special economic zone that serves as a financial hub for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The region not only houses hundreds of financial institutions but also features retail outlets, restaurants, residential buildings, public green spaces, hotels, and art galleries.

Business Bay

Business Bay is a modern commercial and residential hub located next to Downtown Dubai. This area provides a respite from the city’s busiest tourist areas, yet still offers all the amenities needed for city living. It is also conveniently located near City Walk, which is home to hundreds of exclusive shops, restaurants, and leisure activities.


JVT (Jumeirah Village Triangle) and JVC (Jumeirah Village Circle) are two residential districts located near each other in Dubai. These tranquil communities, perfect for families, offer a peaceful atmosphere while still being close to attractions such as Dubai Marina, Sports City, and Motor City. These locations are prime spots for Airbnb properties.

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Streamline Your Dubai Airbnb Experience with Professional Management

At Central Cove, we are dedicated to helping our clients make the most of their properties. Our Airbnb management services take care of everything, from creating an attractive profile to managing prices, promotions, and listings, so you can sit back and relax. We make sure your property is always looking its best by handling renovations and cleanings.

Central Cove is known for our quality and trustworthiness. Our team is focused on meeting the growing demand for expert services in Airbnb management, hosting, and short-term rental property management. We are committed to providing reliable and dependable services to our clients.

Renting out your property as a short-term holiday rental is a great opportunity for both tourists and residents, with the potential for significant extra income. Let Central Cove make short-term rental property management easy and effective for you. If you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to reach out to us.

Some of the most amazing properties we manage in Dubai

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Dubai Airbnb FAQs
Is Airbnb allowed in Dubai?

Since May 2016, Airbnb has collaborated with Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to promote responsible hosting in the city. This partnership aims to ensure that all Airbnb hosts in Dubai adhere to the city’s tourism and commerce regulations while providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests. With this collaboration, Airbnb is committed to providing sustainable and responsible tourism opportunities in Dubai, ensuring that the city remains a popular and thriving travel destination for years to come.

Are Airbnbs in Dubai safe?

Dubai is considered to be one of the safest tourist destinations in the world. The same level of safety can also be experienced in Airbnb properties located in the city. With its low crime rate and friendly attitude towards Western visitors, Dubai provides a secure and welcoming environment for tourists.


Is Airbnb worth it in Dubai?

Dubai is the best city for Airbnb profitability, making it an ideal location for Airbnb hosts. With high demand and excellent earning potential, it’s a great choice for those looking to monetize unused space.

How do I host Airbnb in Dubai?

Central Cove Dubai offers a comprehensive Airbnb property management service that allows you to relax and enjoy the benefits of property rental. Our dedicated team will handle all aspects of your property rental, from listing and marketing to guest communication and maintenance. Trust us to maximize your rental income and minimize your stress.

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